My History is an application that gives users the chance to record the story of one's life.

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Your History In Private

MyHistory can help you to manage your photos and videos in purpose to record “The story of your Life”!

  • Data protection

    All data entered in the app are stored in your mobile device and available only for the user. Nothing can be shared in social media or in any other cloud app. You can add whichever photo you wish.

  • Sorting your Media

    Innovative capabilities of sorting photos and videos for quick and easy search.

  • Easy to use

    It only takes 1 minute to find out how to use your app! Enter your personal information, add your closest people and start creating your memories.

  • One click backup & restore

    The problem of transferring your media from/to another mobile device or PC comes to an end! With just one click, you can create a file containing all your photos along with the relevant data and store it wherever you wish.

Simple Things

There is no easiest and safest way of recording your life! The app menu consists of 6 buttons only which are simple and easy to use.


Create your profile in order to personalize your app.

My People

Add your closest people from your mobile contacts or create new ones. Then you can attach them to whichever memory you wish.


Create your memories from the photos or videos in your device, adding information and people so as to never forget them.


Add a reminder or create a new one from a memory you have already entered.


Adjust the quality of your photos and reminders and keep a backup whenever you wish.


Detailed information about the app function and usage.

Innovative possibilities!

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Now you may have the picture and the words, as you are given the possibility to save as many words as you wish alongside your picture. Add a title and a description so as to recall more information. With MyHistory you may store 10 to 15 times more pictures without reducing their analysis. In this way, the storage space in your mobile device is multiplied. Moreover, there is no need to remember the date that the picture was taken, since it is added automatically. MyHistory is available in English, Spanish & Greek.

  • Picture classification into groups by the user.
  • Title and description addition to the picture or group.
  • 10 to 15 times more space for photo storage.
  • Automatic date insertion of the picture was taken.
  • Reminder creation from a memory.


Images concerning the app function and usage.

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